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George Yu MD - Thoracoabdominal Radical Nephrectomy

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Here Thoracoabdominal Radical Nephrectomy


Cancer Metabolism

Hox Gene of Ring Finger to Index Finger Ratio of .90 Means Androgen Testosterone Exposure in Utero for Baby Male and Female

Toxic Chemical Cleansing & Elimination through Niacin Vitamin B3 and Rebound Lipolysis with Sauna Heat and Charcoal Tablets through the Gastrointestinal Tract

Nuclear Transfer Studies by Warren I.Schaeffer

Tribute to Dr. Peter Pedersen Professor of Biochemistry Johns Hopkins Medical Center

Interview by Brian Clement Biology of Disease, Hormones, and Mitochondrial and Calorie Restriction

Herbs and Natural Herbs with Camil Villaveces and Pilar Serrano

Brian Clement of Hippocrates Institute on Calorie Restriction on Human Being with Biosphere 2

Anna Maria on Hippocrates Institute and Use of Green Juice Sun Flower Sprouts, Pea Sprouts, Celery, Cucumber, Garlic and It's Importance

Man Boobs, Chicken Legs – Male Andropause Equal to Female Menopause

George Yu on Onset of Andropause, a Slow process and Testosterone Castration in Men with Prostate Cancer, a Quick Step to Andropause

Deanna Won, Air Force Physicist and Ovarian Cancer and Cure