Weight Control and Life Style Modification

Obesity affects your entire health. No matter what you do, the excess weight plays a big part in your health problem. This problem is universal and world wide. The problem is not only loosing the weight but keeping the weight down.

We believe our program takes into consideration the many aspects of weight management. This is a 2 months commitment. For women estrogen dominance means fat accumulation and therefore will need to have hormonal adjustments.

All patients will have endocrine and lipid profiles with insulin before and after program. The program has multiple parts.

  • Weight loss by Caloric Restriction without hunger
  • Using digestive aids and promoting intestinal health
  • Reset your HPA axis, meal habits and satiety
  • Cleansing and detoxification of toxic chemicals from the body
  • Sleep and muscle building program
  • Sleep habits
  • Keeping blood sugar and insulin at minimal fluctuations
  • Extramural programs to understand foreign foods: grains, vegetables, spices, and teas.
  • With low glycemic foods and nutritional dense foods for Caloric Restriction
  • Down regulation of our Cortisol overdrive lifestyles