Urology and Menopause in Women

  • Chronic recurrent urinary tract infections can be prevented with nutritional support. Proper selection of foods, good digestion of food to prevent bacteria overgrowth and proper probiotic colonization of the colon. Simple sexual practices are used to help educate patients to avoid future infections. We emphasize natural approaches while supplementing antibiotics if needed. A thorough diagnostic investigation is done first to rule out structural and anatomical disorders. Many symptoms such as "Over Active Bladders" with mild incontinence are corrected by a proper balance of sex hormones.
  • Urinary Incontinence, unstable bladder and back pain are common problems in women. Proper hormonal evaluation and treatment, nutritional support, physical manipulations such as Pilate‚Äôs exercises can control further progression of this problem. Surgery maybe necessary in severe cases
  • Sexual dysfunctions secondary to decreasing combination of female and male hormones. This can lead to decreased libido, sexual urge and satisfaction, as well as vaginal dryness. We custom make a nutritional, hormonal program suited for individual variation
  • Women approaching menopause will often have symptoms of hypothyroidism as one endocrine function may affect another endocrine system. We take a nutritional and supplement approach and try to readjust the proper hormone balance
  • Using the concept of proper anabolic to catabolic dominance with age and declining hormones, we believe women need muscle and good bones. We promote sculpting muscle, bone density of strength, and fat reduction for aging women. Using a right combination of nutrition and digestion, with some hormonal support, we can reestablish a good balance. Especially for the elderly woman, sacropenia or muscle weakness becomes of great importance for even daily functions of life. This can be corrected with nutrition, hormone supplementation and good postural and balance physical programs