Cleanse and Detoxification

Removal of Toxic Chemicals (TC) from Your Body- Means Mobilize, Cleanse, Drain Out and Finally Eliminate -“Total Body Cleansing Detoxification”

Our Clinic

We have been consulting on patients for over 10 years evaluating and managing TC, toxic chemical exposures, and how to prevent TC load accumulations for individuals and their families. After a full history and physical examination, we will advise optimal management for each person’s needs, nutrition, and any other programs they can utilize effectively and to remain healthy. Our motto is:

“Looking Good, But Feeling Great Inside!”

“Beauty Comes from the Inside Out”

What About All These Toxins People Talk About?

In contrast to overexposure to chemicals, the problem with low levels of TC exposure and accumulations is often the lack of definite clinical signs and symptoms. Except for the incidents with massive exposures of select populations, such as Love Canal, Methyl Mercury Poisoning, Tight Window Syndrome, the war disasters, and people like firefighters who are constantly exposed to toxic heated fumes and byproducts, most of us have no concept of how TC affect our bodies. And that is the problem!

It’s hard to blame something when you can’t see or feel the immediate effects of the exposures.

My Experience with TC and its Elimination

It was after my audit (February 25, 2002) and presentation on the nutrition and terminal cancer patients for the Kushi Institute at the National Cancer Institute that I met Dr. David Root, who was working with FASC research group and had a long personal practical experience cleansing the individuals exposed to Agent Orange in California. Any TC, drugs and anesthesia, organic molecules, solvents, abuse drugs all have an affinity to sequester in “fatty tissues” or lipophilic tissues (brain and adipose tissues). He used a methodology of oral high dose niacin intake (Vitamin B3 and up to 5000 mg/per session) with sauna heat to sweat out the chemicals. These TC were mobilized from fatty tissues and expelled into the blood and then sweated out through the glands of the skin (first Pioneered by Ronald Hubbard- Clear Body Clear Mind).

Toxic Chemical Removal by Sauna Program with Dr. David Root

Needless to say, I was impressed!

This spurred me on to research in vivo biopsies of patients undergoing elective surgery to measure toxic chemical loads fatty tissues from all over the body. The findings showed that among the numerous chemicals assayed, DDE, a metabolite of DDT was in everybody’s fat cells at a concentration of over1000x higher than found in blood serum levels. The trouble is we cannot see it or touch it and we don’t fully understand what it is doing to us! (Yu G., Laseter J., Mylander C. J. of Environ. and Public Health Vol. 2011, art. ID 417980)

Dr. Root was intrigued by the subcutaneous and visceral fat shrinkage when cancer patients were put on a “Caloric Restricted” diet in our cases. His question to me was- If toxic chemicals are trapped in fat, will weight loss help remove the toxic chemicals at the same time as when he implemented the Niacin/Heat therapy to remove chemicals and the answer is – yes!

In the Biosphere 2 Study in Arizona, R. Walford and J. Lasater kept 8 members confined to a clean artificial environment for 2 years on Caloric Restricted diet with subsequent weight loss. By gradual weight loss TC moved from body fat into blood after their first year of confinement (J. of Gerontology Biological Sciences 2002, Vol. 57A, #6,B211-B224, Toxicological Sciences 52(supplement) 61-65, 1999. Physiological Changes in Humans Subjected to Severe, Selective Calorie Restriction for Two Years in Biosphere 2: Health, Aging, and Toxicological Perspectives (TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES 52 (Supplement), 61-65 (1999) Copyright 1999 by the Society of Toxicology)

Further examination and evaluation of the 1) World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001(9/11). 2) firefighters and their cleanse and detoxification program in 2002 with Dr. Root, 3) the Baltimore firefighters program sponsored by actor John Travolta, 4) The most recent completion of the Gulf War Syndrome Study led by Drs. David Carpenter and Kathleen Kerr (grant from the Department of Defense) convinced me that high doses of TC can be eliminated with a vigorous program using Niacin and heat and thereby sweating TC out as a fast method to cleanse the body. Review Environ Health 2015 Nov. 2, DOI 10.1515/reveh-2015-0032 

A more telling phenomenon is the Firefighter who developed a “Parkinson like symptoms” and excreted a purple tinged stain characteristic of Manganese mineral; and after 31 days of treatment his symptoms completely resolved. Even minerals seem to come out and are eliminated with this treatment.

Old Sunburn Marks Manifested on First Week of Detoxification Program

Detoxification Skin Manifestations During 30 Day Sauna Program

30 Day Program of Sequential Toxin Manifestation in Normal Individual

An official representing the National Institute of Health wanted to experience the program and we illustrate a rash that manifested on her skin the first 2weeks. Thereafter as her Niacin dose increased other skin eruptions occurred and terminated at her high dose and finished. It seemed that as Niacin dose increases there is a threshold to excrete more sequestered chemicals from the fat.

Other pioneering physicians such as John Laseter, William Rea, Grace Zeim, have taught me the nuances that can be incorporated with the basic Niacin and heat treatments.

Total Cleansing and Purification

In essence, it means we are mobilizing, and forcing the elimination by excretion of TC through the skin and the gastrointestinal tract (our own protocol) as those 2 organs have the largest surface areas with the potential for maximum elimination. It does not mean that other organs such as the lungs, the kidneys are not eliminating any unwanted TC, but that it involves a slower process because of smaller surface areas for excretion.

Whereas the word “Drainage” is more often a passive process, what we induce is an active form of “Pushing Trapped Chemicals out of fatty cells” and then Mobilized and Eliminated Through Large Surface Organs”

What is commonly termed as “Detoxification or Detox” is actually a misnomer as true detoxification occurs only in the liver which metabolizes and converts chemicals into byproducts which can be excreted via urine, intestinal tract etc. The 2 phases of metabolic detoxification can be easily searched online, but we strongly believe that we must keep the liver in the most efficient and healthy state to perform all of its functions. Both proper oral nutrition and rectal delivery of nutrients directly to the liver via mesenteric and Portal vein that drain directly into liver cells can be accomplished and later discussed. For use of the gastrointestinal tract as an organ with large surface areas second to the skin, we use activated charcoal tablets to arid food contaminants as well as to pull toxic chemicals and drugs out of the circulatory system. When I was an intern in the emergency room in 1973, it was not unusal to give oral activated charcoal to absorb blood overload of Theophylline toxcity in kids with acute asthma attacks with surprisingly high success rates.

People Who Are Exposed to High Doses of TC and Radiation

Dr. Tatsuichiro Akizuki describes in his classic book Nagasaki 1945, where the people irradiated from the atomic bomb at 1.4km radious from the atomic bomb hypocenter were protected from the adverse effects and lived. They only had brown rice and miso to eat. Interestingly, we they ate sugar, the adverse effects of the radiation appeared. Our gave the first grant to have Dr. Hiroko Furo MD PhD interviewed all the survivors and Mrs.Akizuki, the wife of the late Dr. Akizuki and confirmed that it was the food they ate that protected them (see under 2007 grants results) Dr. Tonko Watanabe confirmed that use of miso probiotics both live and dehydrated had a protective effect on animals irradiated in his research laboratory.

Another example, which we do not even consider as an exposure, is sunlight, sunburns and other radio wavelengths around us. During the World Trade Center Attack on 9/11, purification and cleanse program for the firefighters using Niacin and heat, some of the women showed past skin sunburn marks from old fashioned bathing suits no longer used for many years. Dr. Watanabe of the Hiroshima Radiation Biology Center was most impressed by the excretion even of sunlight and so how about other forms of radiation he asked? This past sun radiation manifestation manifests only during the initial first week of the program and never again thereafter.

I witnessed both the purification of 9/11 firefighters - supported by Tom Cruise - and the purification program of the Baltimore and Ocala Firefighters - sponsored by John Travolta - and noticed one individual whose his right arm turned red during the first week of cleanse program. Review of his history revealed that as a youngster he helped his grandfather, a blacksmith, and always rolled his right sleeve and thus exposing himself to heat and light radiation from the flames. This past exposure was promptly eliminated and for the rest of the program we did not see it again

Thorium Toxicity in a 28 Year Old Female

This is a classic story of an enthusiastic 28 year old woman who worked for FEMA in Texas after the Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Isaac and was stationed in an old moldy, abandoned building with poor ventilations for months at a time, and developed a typical generalized symptoms of food intolerance and allergy, severe fatigue, brain fog, rash and acne, hair loss, pain upon eating, anxiety and depression, and finally developed a Staph infection. She lost 20 lbs. ending at 105 lbs. of skin and bones. She was seen by every kind of doctors and naturopaths including the famous Dr. William Rea, a toxic chemical specialist, and my good friend, with the end result of partial relief of her symptoms.

As she could not tolerate any more toxic environments, she was transferred to Washington DC to FEMA headquarters. She had chosen to analyze her hair analysis in 2013 and it showed high concentrations of Thorium at greater than .002 micrograms/ gram, Manganese at greater than .60 micrograms/ gram and Zinc at greater than 220 micrograms /gram, and Cobalt at greater than 50,000 micrograms/gram. Her pituitary gland hormone secretion of Luteinizing Hormone was at post- menopausal levels, uncharacteristic of a 28-year woman.

As she could not qualify as an exposed individual for our Gulf War Syndrome Study, she searched and enrolled with a similar program with Scientologist Detoxification Program, Washington DC ( Scientologists have had a long history of successful outcomes with supporting scientific data first started by Ronald Hubbard described in Clear Body Clear Mind),

After our approval of her medical status, she went through a 50 day program with increasing doses of Niacin Vitamin B3 from 50 mg to 5000 mg and all symptoms and signs disappeared with a second hair analysis which showed no more abnormal accumulations of the above chemicals. She was totally determined and stuck to her instincts and won. She is now married and no longer plagued with her TC sickness.

Clinical Observations

In 1995, I observed in my surgical practice that even after minor surgery, patients felt sleepy and lethargic in the post-operative period as long as 1 week. I suspect this is from accumulations of the anesthetic drug in the fat cells of the body (fat and brain), which slowly dissipated. One patient after minor surgery felt lethargic and sleepy for over 1 week and he used the sauna cleansing for 4 days and immediately noticed the anesthetic smell in the entire sauna. His lethargy and sleepiness immediately ended.

Thereafter in our practice, I have made it a policy to have all our post-operative patients to use the sauna within 5 days and it has proven to be a worthwhile practice to eliminate any residual medications sequestered in the body fat. I have used this method frequently for anyone who has received high doses of medications in the hospital including chemotherapeutic drugs and radiation therapy at a selected time after a therapeutic period. Pharmacokinetics studies look at liver metabolism, blood circulation and excretion through urine, gastrointestinal tract etc. but rarely account for the sequestered chemicals in fatty cells.

A perfect example is one of our patients is an avid swimmer who has had chronic exposures to chlorinated water. The first time using the mobilization, cleanse, and elimination system, she eliminated Chlorine into the sauna room with such intensity that everyone else had to leave the sauna and we had to clean the sauna afterwards. This occurred only the first few times and thereafter there were no more chlorinated smells in the sauna room in the 31-day cleansing program.

My Direct Research Findings

When I did the in vivo TC research on individuals undergoing elective surgery for benign disease, we found the DDE, a metabolite of DDT to be approximately 1000X higher in fat compartments than blood serum sample detection even in individuals were born after the era of DDT use- the most likely source is from the soil and ground water contamination.

Other chemicals were in the range of 100X higher than blood serum sampling. Just living and being around this environment will expose you to many different chemicals which all seem to be attracted to your fat cells. Of all my publications, this research has received the most citations to help others researchers continue pursuing the consequences of TC in our bodies. Persistent Organic Pollutants in Serum and Several Different Fat Compartments in Humans G. Yu, J, Laseter and C. Mylander Journal of Environmental and Public Health Volume 2011, Article ID 417980, 8 pagesdoi:10.1155/2011/417980.

Additional Research

Transgenerational Epigenetics –Not DNA mutations but a Small Methyl carbon group attached to your DNA that leads to abnormalities

Michael Skinner in 2005 made public transient exposure to farming agents, Vinclozolin (antiandrogenic compound) or Methoxychlor (antiestrogenic compound) during gestational female rat during offspring sex determination led to male offspring with decreased spermatogenic capacity and increased infertility. These effects were transferred to all male offspring for the next generations F2, F3, F4. In other words, the toxic chemical insult led to a “methylation attachment on the DNA which in turn led to this abnormality that was passed on to the next 3 generations- a scary thought! (Skinner M Science 3 June 2005 Vol. 308, 1466

“In essence what your great-grandmother was exposed to could cause disease in you and your grandchildren” Michael Skinner

Since then, the explosion of epigenetic research has been strong. At Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Andrew Feinberg started the Epigenetics Center and there is exploration on epigenetics in cancers, in depression, schizophrenia, prostate cancer etc.

Sean Taverna of Johns Hopkins noted “If you have a mutation in your genome, it can be difficult to correct. We haven’t been very successful with gene therapy. But if you have an epigenetic mutation, you might be able to reset your epigenetic state with a drug.”

Tarjan and T. Kemeny published Multi-generation Studies on DDT in mice which caught my eye. They fed a .2-.4 ppm DDT mixture in food to male and female mice for 6 months only with a control group to match. There were 4133 total number of mice of which 2097 was in experimental group and 2036 was in the control group. The F0 were the parent generation and then F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 the subsequent generations were fed the same diet with added DDT at similar concentrations for the 6 months period. Leukemia developed in 85 mice compared to 10 in the control arm with increasing numbers in the subsequent generations. In addition there were solid tumors of the lung, gastrointestinal tract, prostate, breast, ovaries and reticulosarcomas.

There were 196 tumors compared to 13 in the control group. What this study shows is that individual differences are present since not all developed these findings but it could also be an “epigenetic effect” as noted by Skinner’s publication. Toxicology Vol. 7, 215-222, 1968

“Chemical Calories – Chemical Slimming” Dr. Paula Baille Hamilton

In 2002 Dr. Baille- Hamilton specialist on human metabolism and environmental health formerly of University of Stirling, Scotland researched and wrote an interesting and provocative book with additional professional publication stating that toxic chemicals in your body fat makes you fat, tired and diabetic. Her work starts with the concept that many pesticides today came from the post-World War 2 molecules for chemical warfare. In much smaller doses of these molecules kill pests, which how insecticides came to be used in agriculture. By indirect exposure through secondary vectors as such food and exposure, these accumulated molecules slow down your metabolism and make you tired and decreases muscle use and therefore forces you into a downhill spin into weight gain.

Her chemical “Hit List” are Organochlorine pesticides as number 1, then organochlorine PCBs and organobromine PBB and PBDE, Heavy metals, organophospates and carbamates, Plastics and synthetic materials such as plasticizers and lastly Solvents such as trichloroethylene TCE.

Her study looks at Organophosphates like DDT and Lindane, which are still being used, in low doses in industry. Of course transmission into all of us comes from what we eat, and our exposure to soil and water. It is true that in my research on TC in fat compartments, the levels we saw of DDT is about 1000x higher in fat than in our blood. The effects of these chemicals on metabolism, hormone functions such as thyroid etc. are huge and are “cumulative, additive, and synergistic”.

Toxic Chemicals as Endocrine Disruptors

Travison and associates described a transgenerational decline in testosterone levels analyzing longitudinal studies but the cause is unclear - could it be endocrinal disruption?

A Triash showed that castration of animal models immediately resulted in fatty infiltration with the border of the Tunica covering and within the sinusoidal smooth muscles of the cross sectional view of the penis and reverted as soon as testosterone was replaced. This same result is seen in toxic exposure as described by Moon and estrogen exposure depending on the embryo age as described by Goyal.

A polyhalogenated aromatic hydrocarbon, 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD), is one of the most potent toxic environmental pollutants. Decreases in spermatogenesis and the ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term are the most sensitive signs of reproductive toxicity by TCDD in the mammal, but no report of its effect on the erectile function exists. These results suggest that TCDD inhibits spermatogenesis and has a potential harmful effect on erectile function via changes of corpus cavernosum histology and smooth muscle physiology.

We previously reported that diethylstilbestrol (DES) or estradiol valerate (EV) exposure at a dose of 0.10–0.12 mg/kg, or higher, per day, on alternate days, from postnatal days 2–12, resulted in abnormal penis development and infertility (H. O. Goyal et al., 2005, J. Androl. 26, 32–43).

EV exposure prior to 12 days of age (as short as 1–3 days postnatal), but not after 12 days of age, results in long-term abnormal penile morphology, characterized by abnormal accumulation of fat cells in the corpora cavernosa penis and, consequently, loss of fertility.

The Concept of Cumulative, Additive and Synergistic- Dr. David Carpenter

Dr. David Carpenter is a colleague and renowned specialist in toxicology and made us all aware that it is the cumulative experience of a lifetime of toxic chemicals sequestered in any fatty tissues from adipose cells to the central nervous fatty cells that can act together to affect your body functions and health.

Dr. Carpenter has been the principal investigator on the Gulf War Syndrome Project, which has just been completed using the niacin sauna program described above, and the results will be published in the near future.

My favorite Case in Lecturing on Accumulated TC

A scenario, which I like to use, is a typical Saturday of a happy couple living the good life on a beautifully manicured golf course estate. The wife goes to the cleaners to pick up her dry-cleaned dress (chemical solvent) for the evening party and lays it in her bedroom closet. She then goes to the beauty salon to have her hair properly colored with synthetic chemicals. She then meets her husband at the country club golf course at 1 pm for lunch and wine (solvent), facilitating absorption of pesticides next to the putting greens, which were dosed with pesticide chemicals earlier that week. Next, she cleans up and applies simple make up, doses herself with an expensive perfume (solvent) quickly absorbed into her skin and proceeds to get dressed in her freshly dry cleaned dress and meets her friends for dinner with wine and food.

After a wonderful dinner, she returns home to clean her makeup off with more solvent chemicals and nail polish remover (solvent) to increase more absorption of any chemicals. She then goes to her bedroom and answers emails. The computer is connected to a powerful Wi-Fi system downstairs in the home office. Incidentally her bedroom is adjacent to the area outside where the “Smart Meter” is emitting even stronger Wi-Fi frequencies. Lastly before going to bed, she takes a hot bath with scents and new soaps which contain more unknown but good smelling chemicals. Without realizing the cumulative absorptive effects of all kinds of chemicals, this hypothetical woman is collecting chemicals and radiation into her body.

Nontoxic Cosmetic Products Available

Marg Melchiors started her own natural cosmetic company in Arizona and has researched all toxic compounds used and has an excellent selection of products for women and men. Her initial incentive came from her own story of adverse reactions to so many products on the market.

Long time accumulations can be from medications, anesthesia, and external exposures to chemicals and hormones, ingested or inhaled chemicals radiation from sunlight to other electromagnetic and wavelengths exposures.

It appears that most chemical exposures are attracted to “oily” or fatty tissues such as your fat both under your skin and visceral fat near your internal organs, and of course the most fatty organ, your brain. Exposed individuals such as firefighters, soldiers, drug addicts etc. complain often of “brain fog” which resolves after cleansing, mobilization and elimination program.

Niacin Vitamin B3, the magic formula of “Rebound Lipolysis” Lipolysis Means Releasing Triglyceride While also Mobilizing TC and Eliminating through the Skin and Gastrointestinal Tract.

L Ron Hubbard, FASC foundation, and Scientologists have been using a system of combination of Niacin gradual dose loading and heat sauna to initiate and cleanse the body of stored toxic chemicals in fatty tissues. This is the most powerful immediate program to release the toxic chemicals from fatty tissues and membranes from a Niacin induced “Rebound Lipolysis” thus releasing triglycerides and toxins from entrapped fatty tissues and into the blood stream and released through the skin via sauna and through the gastrointestinal tract via absorbers such as charcoal, bentonite and oils. This program has been in existence for long time and has “Drug Addiction and Substance Addiction” cleaning through an organization Narconon worldwide.

I believe that it is not the sauna heat or the use of intestinal absorbents or even the value of Niacin as a vitamin. I have come to believe that it is the Niacin’s ability to initiate lipolysis and therefore releasing the trapped TC in fat that is the key to success. Lars Carlson of the Karolinska Institute researched Niacin extensively to lower blood lipids in the 1960 & 1970s and termed “Rebound Lipolysis” as an physiological effect where the Niacin initially blocks lipolysis and then leads to a massive lipolysis of the fat cells releasing fatty acids triglycerides leading to an increase in blood lipids. At the same time as the lipolysis, the trapped TC in the fat cells are released and mobilized into the plasma or blood with the triglycerides into the blood circulation. While these TC are “Mobilizing” into the blood, this is the perfect opportunity to eliminate them through the skin by sweating.

TC comes out through all other organs such as the lungs in heavy exercise breathing. The flushing or “vasodilation” increase circulation to skin and other organs but exercising will enhance that movement of blood throughout body organs like the skin and intestinal tract. The use of heat in the form of Sauna, even baths with clean water, will expel the higher concentration TC through sweat glands and exit the body. You can see the 2 illustrations of toxic granules of an exposed woman from Dr. David Root publication and see a 911 firefighter excreting a purple stain on the towel, which had high levels of Manganese. At the time you may use charcoal, bentonite clay, zeolite, and even oils to “pull” out of the blood compartment into the intestinal tract, which also has a large surface area just as skin organ.

The key is the flushing Niacin and its “rebound lipolysis” that starts the cascade of releasing or better word “exploding fat” cells to release fat and the trapped TC. Lipolysis can occur when you sleep as the body releases fat to provide energy when not eating, it occurs during exercising when fat becomes the body residual fuel when glycogen and sugars are exhausted, when you are on a weight loss program, or when your body secrets catecholamine like norepinephrine and epinephrine in “fight or flight” situations or when using extra energy in adrenal stress situations. The use of amphetamines drugs will also trigger the lipolysis. Generally these processes are slower than when using Niacin Vitamin B3.

Niacin Adverse Effects

Generally at doses we use and for short periods, the flushing is the most common and dramatic effect. We have seen small transient liver function elevations and returns to normal before or after the 31 day program. We do not recommend the long acting niacin and the no -flush forms as they have been known to lead to liver abnormalities. We exclude anyone who has liver dysfunctions from this program.

Long Sessions of 2-4 hours in the Sauna Heat requires replacement of minerals and oils

After ingesting Niacin at graduated doses up, you must exercise and use heat treatments to sweat out TC. But when you sweat for 2-4 hours, you will also lose water and massive amounts of minerals and oils. You must remember to hydrate as much as possible with clean mineral water with minerals, oils and vitamin replacements. In addition, you must replace Magnesium, Sodium from salt, Potassium and there are standard preparations used. You must replace oils especially Lecithin, phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine the cellular membrane lipids along with oils such as Omega 3, 6, 9 plus Medium Chain fatty acids like coconut oil, red palm oil and primrose oils. Eating good olive, avocado, macadamia, pumpkin seed oils etc. are excellent real food oils to use. We especially like Medium Chain Fatty Acids such as Caprylic Acid (Carbon 8 fatty acid) as it will never make you fat but a total energy resource as a substitute for sugar and carbohydrates and does not require the aid of insulin. Also the use of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) derived from bacteria metabolism in ruminants of cattle 3.5 grams daily are important)

Along with oral hydration and replacements, some people prefer combing both oral and use of Trans rectal hydration by instillation of salted water, which is an excellent way to get minerals and water into your body quickly - this practice, was used regularly in the old days and in places where intravenous route was impossible or the individual was severely nauseated.

Narconon for Substance Abuse Cases

Narconon is separate from the purification program and specializes on drug addiction and its removal and cleanse. Started in 1979 this organization uses the same protocol as with Niacin, exercise, and sauna heat to mobilize, cleanse and eliminate accumulate drug deposits in fatty tissues and expels it through the skin during sweating. Cumulatively these organizations has treated well of 30,000 people and their main branch is “Narconon Arrowhead” in Canadian, Oklahoma with numerous branches worldwide. Their success rate is around 50-75%, which is high compared to other rehabilitation programs. I believe their success stems from the physiological use of lipolysis of fat releasing the drug from the brain and adipose tissues. With their high success rate, I felt even more convinced that their unique program deserves to be known by all of us. We recommend this program for those who have a serious drug addiction problem.

Why Is the Liver So Important?

Technically, the term “Detoxification” is a metabolic process whereby the liver converts the molecule and makes it easy to excrete out of your body. The Liver is our major “Custom House Monitor” and whether it is a medication, food, supplement, etc., its detoxification role is to metabolize it and deactivate it and facilitate elimination via urine, intestinal tract etc. There are two processes, Phase I and Phase 2, first one slow and other faster but the intermediate byproducts can be harmful to our bodies- so the more agile and healthier the liver, the faster the elimination.

The liver performs so many other functions plus the above, which you can read elsewhere, but the bottom line is that it has to perform all the time and has to be done well for you to remain healthy.

Even medications and hormones we take must be detoxified or metabolized by the liver. Even for individuals taking necessary supplements, medications, and even bioidentical sex hormones, the liver must metabolize or detoxify it and therefore the liver must be in perfect homeostasis. Supplements such as Glutathione, Vitamin Bs and C, Milk Thistle are vital for good liver health.

We do not endorse heavy use of recreational alcohol consumption as it taxes the liver excessively with few benefits- in other words, a bad investment!

Milk Thistle the national plant for Scotland and considered a weed in Wyoming is an excellent non toxic way to liver health. We have seen of normalizing the liver functions of other reported cases and use it as a supplement in addition to glutathionone, DIM, calcium D glucarate, fiber, sulfarophane, B vitamins etc shown in the blue table to promote liver health and functions as it is truly the liver that performs chemical Phase 1 and Phase 2 of chemical, drug, hormones, toxic chemical metabolization.

Why is Colon Cleansing Important and How is it Related Liver Functions and Liver Health

There is well known entity in medicine called “Hepatic Encephalopathy” whereby chronic alcoholics with cirrhosis of liver (scarring of liver tissues) with poor liver functions secondary to chronic alcoholic toxin consumption gradually destroy the entire liver organ. The colon bacteria digests food and produces ammonia as a byproduct and it is absorbed directly into the mesenteric veins and to the portal veins for the liver to convert it to urea and then excreted it out via the kidney. When liver cells are dysfunctional or scarred, the liver can no longer perform its work of detoxification and ammonia circulates into the entire body and the brain leaving the patient comatose from ammonia toxicity. The medical treatments are not simple!

The point of this example is that colon mucosa surface can absorb just about anything and delivers unwanted byproducts to the liver for processing quickly- the colon liver connection is direct and vital to our body. Whatever is in the colon is a direct connection to the liver via 1 set of veins mentioned above and very efficiently.- this can be used for the good or the bad!

So cleaning the body also means making sure the colon liver connection is efficiently operating and doing its job of clearing the body of waste products without harming the host.

Historically, when medicine was not as sophisticated as today, doctors used deliver medications and fluids and supplements and even hormones via this efficient suppository method. In my experience as a missionary doctor overseas, I have had wonderful experiences with great surgeons such as Dr. Irvin from Scotland and Dr. Dennis Burkitt of England who showed me how to rehydrate dying patients from Malaria and via salted water through colon absorption. Dr. Denis Burkitt, missionary surgeon and discoverer of the term Burkitt’s Lymphoma in Africa was a big proponent of more use of dietary fiber in our “Modern Society eating habits” as the colon residuals can be entrapped by the benign fiber to eliminate toxic and carcinogenic materials exposed to colon mucosal surface.

In my private practice of surgical oncology, I have saved many of my cancer patients from total dehydration after chemotherapy just by a suppository or infusion of salted water inserted into rectum without the need for intravenous infusion at the emergency room. Historically and even now, medications and anything can be absorbed by the rectum and colon into the body if oral delivery is not possible

For our patients who have chronic colon polyps, past colon cancers and diverticulosis and diverticulitis, IBS, and poor bowel hygiene, we encourage them to take good probiotics, promote digestive enzymes in people after ages of 40, and use retrograde hygiene of “Colon Cleansing”. The Colon Cleansing specialists do a great service for us in educating and cleansing artificially our lengthy colons with constipation, poor digestion, “putrefication” and overgrowth of fungus and unwanted bacteria. In our practice encourages patients to use good fiber, charcoal cleansing, and oils to cleanse the gastro intestinal residual products for rapid and safe elimination. We also teach them how to perform self- colon cleansing as part of cleaning the body as you would cleanse the body surfaces such as bathing and showers. We also request that after the colon is clean, that the implantation and retention of special nutrition such as probiotics, Wheat Grass extracts, high nutritional natural products, membrane lipids such as Phosphatidyl Choline and butyrates, and even medications, and hormones etc,. in a small volume of 30 to 60 ml. The absorptive power and transport of substances is a shortcut to the liver directly via the inferior Mesenteric veins directly to the Portal veins feeding the liver. In fact liver encephalopathy is the result of the toxic materials that cannot be processed by the liver tissues by this powerful direct route from colon to liver.

As the famous football athlete Ray Lewis claimed his health and vitality post retirement are good habits of eating, sleeping, workouts alone and “colon cleansing with coffee enemas”. He is one of the few individuals who have broken the “taboo subject” of the dirty area of our bodies nobody else wants to talk about. We pay such great homage to nutrition and diets today but never talk about the other end of what really comes out of your body- it is clear evidence of who and what you really are “from the inside out”.

Our motto is Looking Good, But Feeling Great Inside Out!

Concept of Total Body Burdens

“Total Body Burden” means what your body has to process and cleanse and eliminate. You have to have enough reserve to deal with all that your body encounters and still be in the Black (reserve) and not in the RED (depleted and empty)

The analogy I often use is the bank account with deposits and withdrawals. The body functions, the eating and digestion, the cleansing elimination of gastrointestinal tract and detoxification by liver, the body protein synthesis for all body structures, the body immune surveillance all require huge expenditures of energy but there is only so much available energy for use.

As in your bank account, there must be a reserve of energy otherwise depletion and spending will put your account into the RED instead of into the BLACK. For optimal body functions especially when you are sick with illnesses or have a physical or toxic injury, it is best to keep all functions as simple and clean as possible. Clearing your oral nasal sinuses of pollutants and subclinical infections, removing dental silver mercury amalgam fillings, clearing lungs of bronchitis or pneumonia, keeping digestion and nutrition as simple and efficient as possible, keeping the circadian rhythm activity and sleep, recovery from physical injury are all body burdens which need to be minimized to achieve the best results. We stress that in times when the body is injured such as a toxic exposure; we want the individual to simplify life and nutritionally lessen body burdens to have the best chance to recover from the injury.

When total body burdens are managed well, your body can adapt and ward off infection, inflammation and chronic diseases such as cancers etc.

Michio Kushi, the founder of the Kushi Institute, had a tremendously stressful schedule and traveled extensively in his work, smoked cigarettes as one of his worst habits, but he ate low calorie nutritional food of macrobiotics (a cooked Asian Japanese nutritious diet of vegetarian foods without diary or animal flesh based on the oriental concepts of Ying and Yang principles) and kept a private simple life. He later did develop colon cancer but to his fortune, the extensive lesion did not accompany metastasis. He was depleting his body but the total body burdens were not sufficient to permit the colon cancer to metastasize. In 2016, Michio Kushi passed away at age 88.

Dr. Felix Liao replacing old silver mercury amalgams for newer porcelin compounds.

Impact of Food and Fasting

Food Selection, Intermittent Calorie Restriction, Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss to Eliminate Sequestered Toxic Chemicals in Fat

As discussed earlier, one of the ways to remove TC from your body is weight loss. This is a slow process but nonetheless it still will induce lipolysis. In fact even when you are asleep and not eating, lipolysis also occurs to provide energy. Our belief in the use of Caloric Restriction Optimal Nutrition with Ketogenesis (CRONK) intermittently and “modified fasting” leads to the same weight loss while you get the benefit of lowering blood sugar, insulin, lipids, while elevating the ketones such as Beta Hydroxybutyrate levels showing that the body is using fat as an alternative fuel instead of all sugar, starch, body glycogen stores. Recently we have encouraged people to use more fatty oils especially the medium chain fatty acids such as coconut oil and the use of Beta Hydroxybutyrate supplements (discussion later).

Short term CRONK with easy digestion stimulates ketogensis has been shown to increase lifespan in just about every animal and will suppress cancer chronic disease. But continuous CRONK will lead to deficiencies and problems such as osteoporosis, sarcopenia and hormone imbalance etc. We also use Niacin Vitamin B3 whenever a person is on CRONK to insure toxic chemical elimination at the same time. What we see in unhealthy weight loss of “Yo-Yo” diets has a more ominous consequence in that the TC release goes back into the original compartment with newer distributions to all fatty compartments, which includes the brain tissues.

We encourage people to perform the cleansing program but also encourage them to visit to CRONK centers worldwide. We know their quality and recommend patients to learn from them. Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida and the Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico serve raw foods which are excellent choice in warm climates, and the Kushi Institute in Beckett, Mass. serves cooked foods which are good in cold climates. They both have long experiences and can teach you nuances about CRONK diets, which are excellent. With the combination of weight loss lipolysis and the Niacin cleansing, the powerful two programs will enhance cleansing.

Importance of Maximal Respiration for Body Repair

Toxic Chemical Removal Needs Fuel-Increasing use of Safe liquid Oxygen and Promoting maximum respiration

We can live without food for 6 weeks, without water for 1 week, but without oxygen for only 60 seconds before our brain begins to die. Around age 40 we begin the decline of body oxygenation slowly but by age 60, there is a loss of 1mm Hg Mercury of oxygen each year. Maintenance of maximum oxygen availability for all body functions should be as optimal as possible. We use salt stabilized liquid oxygen, which contains 4500 ppm via nasal, oral pharyngeal delivery as the fastest delivery to the brain with supplemental slower absorption via the intestinal, respiratory route to be used as often as possible in the purification process. We get our energy via 2 processes1) an anaerobic process called Glycolysis, with is fermentation used by yeast also. The more efficient is 2) respiration called oxidative phosphorylation coined as Krebs cycle using oxygen to obtain the maximum energy packets of 38 ATPs compared to only net 2 ATPs from Glycolysis or fermentation. We want maximum ATPs to keep the optimum energy sources to continue the cleansing and metabolic processes for a healthy life.