Safe Cosmetics

Cosmetics are a necessity for women and now men. This is the most unregulated industry in the world. But there is a growing awareness that women want safe cosmetics. We believe women and their cosmetics are the venue to understanding toxic chemicals and making the public aware of its problems and how to keep total toxic burdens to a minimum.

We offer:

  • Group education on clean cosmetics
  • We support informational infrastructures such as in making the public aware of toxic chemicals in cosmetics, plastics etc.
  • How toxic chemical are disruptors of your metabolism, endocrine hormone functions, and your immune system
  • Individual consultations on custom choices in cosmetics
  • Cleansing and detoxification as a part of your lifestyle
  • Beauty aids from the inside out and proper food, hormones and rest
  • Shaping your weight rather than weight loss as the main goal