Osteoporosis and Sacropenia

With hormone and digestive decline with aging starting around mid 30s, lean body mass which includes muscle mass, internal organ mass, and bone mass begins to decline in exchange for fatty tissues accumulation. Early nutritional support and medical intervention are proactive approaches to these problems. We believe that “Anabolic” or building cycles need to always exceed the “Catabolic” or breakdown cycles to maintain good health and to prevent “Frailty”. One early clue of this problem is slow recovery from minor injuries. The ultimate goal is to prevent major injuries such as hip fractures.

  • Dexa scans as baseline are obtained at the same time as total 13 hormonal profiles with Vitamin D levels to characterize individuals
  • Gold standard dexa is an Anabolic/ Catabolic snapshot. We get a lean body mass, fat mass, and bone mass Baseline BMI/height/weight/waist/waist to hip
  • If indicated gene snps for risk factors can be part of our baseline study
  • We implement better digestion with the use of powerful enzymes, mineral and high quality amino acids supplementation and proper Vitamin D supplements for deficiency. Medications such as Calcitonin may be necessary.
  • Hormonal treatment may be necessary to increase lean body mass and bone and decrease fatty tissue accumulation.
  • Physical stimulation means more than exercise. We want increase in muscle mass, and improve balance and postural stability while increasing strength. We stress interval training, cross training, resistance workout for optimal heart rate for increase fat metabolism, and swimming for increased thermogenesis and brown fat accumulation. Especially cross training to prevent joint and muscle imbalance. We promote NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), EAT (Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), and interval training & swimming as part of a weight control program.