Digestion, Nutrition, and Food Sensitivity

In aging there is a decline in digestibility. There is less salivary Amylase, less stomach acid, slower stomach motility and less efficient digestion by pancreatic and small intestinal digestive enzymes. These are subtle but real changes manifested in symptoms. Therapeutic trials immediately gives the patient and the doctor an appreciation of these sub-clinical symptoms.

  • Diagnostics for intestinal and liver functions
  • We supplement plant and animal digestive enzymes at higher doses and then titrate down to design for individual habits and needs
  • We supplement with digestive aids and spices such as cinnamon
  • We use various probiotics drinks, pastes, miso and other supplements
  • Swedish bitters and Fernet Branca are important digestives especially for those who have limited vegetable intake. There are also 24 bitter Chinese teas as an additional option.
  • Food sensitivity testing may be needed with therapeutic trials to define the problem. Subtle skin rashes are often related to irritants in the gastrointestinal tract.