Doctor Yu's Curriculum Vitae

Faculty Appointment George Washington University Medical Center, Department of Urology-1981 to present. Clinical Professor of Urology

Educational and Medical Training:

  • Tufts University School of Medicine Boston, Mass., Doctorate of Medicine - 1973
  • Peter Bent Brigham Hospital-Harvard Medical School Boston, Mass. , Surgical residency - 1976
  • Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, Baltimore, Md., Residency in Urology - 1981

Professional Status:

  • Use of Medium Chain Fatty Acids as a secondary source of energy in disease states
  • Short Term and Long Term Caloric Restriction in Aging and Disease
  • Focus on aging male and female sex hormone changes, age decline in digestibility, anabolic and catabolic changes with aging, libido and erectile dysfunctions in aging male and females 2008
  • Active practice in Urological surgery - 1981 to 12/31/2007
  • Medical Missionary work Cameroon (1973), Malawi (1976), Honduras (1998)
  • Clinical Professor of Urology, Dept. of Urology, George Washington University Medical Center - 1981 to present 2012
  • Reviewer for the journal Urology - 1995 to present
  • Reviewer for Aging Male journal- 2009
  • Reviewer for Sexual Medicine Journal - 2008 to present
  • Author of textbooks on operative and medical urology - last, Critical Operative
  • Maneuvers in Urologic Surgery, 1996 Mosby/Harcourt publisher
  • Research in medical and surgical treatments in Urology
  • Research and Development in surgical instrumentation and catheter design
  • Dean's committee for the search for the new Chairperson in Urology, G.W.U.M.C. 2004, 2006

Professional Societies:

  • 1992-2000     International College of Surgeons
  • 1992-1994     American Urological Association - International Relations Committee
  • 1986-2009     American Urological Association, Past Active Member

Inventions and Technical Consultation on New Products:

  • 1998     Design for new Foley catheter for males; design for new Catheter (for females) for space travel
  • 1998     Retractor system for perineal prostatectomy
  • 1995     Patent #5,487,746 for the Internal Open and Laparoscopic Y-Clip. The unique design, using same materials as Available clips, is 6X stronger in holding strength than other clips as shown by an independent investigation done at the Whiting School of Materials and Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland
  • 1992     Yu-Holtgrewe Prostate Retraction Blade for the Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy. Manufactured by Greishaber, Inc. 7020 West Cullom Avenue Norridge, IL 60634, and distributed by J. Hugh Knight Instrument Company, 226 South Villere Street, New Orleans, LA 70112
  • 2005     Cryosurgery probe for prostate and grid design
  • 2006     Design of ureteral stent with no bladder spasm


  • Yu GW, Mylander C, Triash AM, Hormone Mol Biol Clin Invest Special Issue of Hormones in Normal and Pathological Prostate Cancer Circulating Levels of Gonadotropins Before and After Prostate Ablation in Cancer Patients is accepted for publication 2012
  • Triash AM, Yu GW, J Hormone Mol Biol Clin Invest 2011; 8 (1): 425-430 Androgen Deficiency and Mitochondrial Dysfunction: Implications of Fatigue, Muscle Dysfunction, Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Yu, GW, Triash AM, J Hormone Mol Biol Clin Invest 2011;8(1): 425-430 Induced Testosterone Deficiency: From Clinical Presentation of Fatigue, Erectile Dysfunction and Muscle Atrophy to Insulin Resistance and Diabetes (As a Spectrum of Mitochondrial Dysfunction)
  • Yu GW, laseter J, Mylander C, Journal of Environmental and Public Health 2011, Volume 2011( 2011) Article ID 417980 9 (8 pages) Persistent Organic Pollutants in Serum and Several Different Fat Compartments in Humans
  • Yu, GW; Miller, HC: Critical Operative Maneuvers in Urologic Surgery, Mosby Yearbook Division of Times-Mirror Publishing, March 1996. First surgical textbook to use: interactive CD ROM, 3-Dimensional illustrations with 360-degree rotation of surgical anatomy as supplement; displayed in William Didush Urological Museum, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Chung, s; Yu, GW; Miller, HC: "Stapling Bladder Pedicles in Radical Cystectomy" Cont. Urol. Jan. 1996.
  • Yu, GW; Chung, S: Video Instructions on Use of GIA Stapling Techniques of (1) the Bladder Pedicles In Radical Cystectomy and (2) Indiana Pouch - Urinary Continent Diversion
  • Yu, GW; Melograna, FS; Miller, HC: Surgical Modifications for the Ligation of the Deep Dorsal Vein Complex from the Retropubic Space: Urol. 40:6, Dec. 1992.
  • Holtgrewe, HL: Yu, GW; Jacobs, GN: "A Modified Surgical Retractor Blade for Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy and Retropubic Surgery" J. Urol. 148:353, Aug. 1992.
  • Yu, GW; Schwab, FJ; Melograna, FS; Miller, HC; Rickholt, A: Preoperative and Postoperative Dynamic Cavernosography and Cavrnosometry: Objective Assessment of Venous Ligation For Impotence J. Urol. 147:618-622, Mar. 1992

Paper Presentations, Conference Presentations, Television and Radio Talk Shows, Conference Moderations:

  • 04/2010     Eastman Resort Montreal Canada, Female Sex Hormone and Health 
  • 10/2009     ZRT conference on Hormones and cancer presentation of Testosterone and Prostate Cancer 
  • 07/2009     Summer Conference for the Macrobiotic Association at the IBM executive center , New York On Caloric Restriction Is the Common Denominator in Nutritional Intervention for Terminal Cancer Disease 
  • 10/2008     American Osteopathic Association Meeting Presentation on Anabolic Dominance and Tissue Integrity and Repair, Las Vegas, Nevada 
  • 10/2008     Diane Brandon Radio show in Tenn. on Toxic Chemicals in Fat 
  • 05/2008     Donna Laake Radio show in Maryland on Toxic Chemicals and detoxification methods. 
  • 02/2008     Conference on Aging Males Meeting on LH and FSH elevation after cryosurgery for prostate Cancer. 
  • 05/2008     George Washington Medical Center, Center for Integrative Medicine, Toxic Chemicals in Fatty Tissues 
  • 07/2006     Kushi Macrobiotics Presentation on Fat Toxins and the Need to Detoxify 
  • 06/2006     American Environmental Health Presentation of Part 2, Further Analysis of Toxins in Fat of the Visceral Compartment 
  • 09/2005     FASC Presentation of Toxic Chemical Load in Fat Compartments of the Body 
  • 02/2002     NIH CAM Presentation of the Best Case Series of Terminal Cancer and Nutritional Intervention 
  • 1997     Tribute to Janet Travell, M.D. Special Edition, 1997 National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists 
  • 03/1996     Conference on Acupuncture and Trigger Points with Janet Travell, M.D. Annapolis, Maryland Chairman and Moderator 
  • 01/1996     Medical Technology and Inventors Conference: Lateral Thinking - Edward de Bono A Tribute to Dr. Phillip Henry Meyers, founder of E-Z-EM Corporation New Orleans, Louisiana Chairman and Moderator 
  • 10/1992     Paper presentation in Washington, DC, Mid-Atlantic American Urological Association: Manyak, MJ; Ahlgren, JD; McNellis, RJ; Lynne, J; Yu, GW; Myers, CE: Cumulative Dose-Related Suramin Toxicity in Patients with Hormone Refractive Metastatic Prostate Carcinoma. 
  • 09/1990     Paper presentation in Rio de Janeiro, S.A., at the IV World Meeting on Impotence, VII Symposium on Corpus Cavernosum Revascularization: Yu, GW; Schwab, FJ; Melograna, FS; Miller, HC; Rickholt, AL: "Preoperative and Postoperative Dynamic Cavernosography and Cavrnosometry: Objective Assessment of Venous Ligation For Impotence." 
  • 09/1990     paper presentation in Rio de Janeiro, S.A., at the IV World Meeting on Impotence, VII Symposium on Corpus Cavernosum Revascularization: Yu, GW; Melograna, FS; DePalma, RG; and Miller, HC: "A Surgical Retropubic Approach for the Treatment of Impotence Secondary to Venous Leakage." 
  • 09/1989     Paper presentation in Munich, Germany, at the Mid-Atlantic American Urological Association in conjunction with the International Urological Association: Yu, GW; Schwab, FJ; Melograna, FS; Miller, HC; Rickholt, AL: "Preoperative and Postoperative Dynamic Cavernosography and Cavrnosometry in Impotent Patients with Venous Leakage Incompetence."