Cleanse and Detoxification

Even though you are not exposed as firefighters, beauty salon workers, and workers exposed to chemical, nuclear, and warfare settings, it does not make you free from cumulative exposures in daily life. Remember the words are Cumulative, Additive, and Synergistic, as toxic chemicals which are attracted to fatty tissues such as brain and fat cells remain there for a life time. The effects are subtle on your hormone, immune and energy levels. Household cleaners, dry cleaning, “Tight Building Syndrome” with no open windows, smoke and fumes, beverages with alcohol, chemicals from electronic media and fire retardants, cosmetics, food additives, chemicals in plastic are all examples of such subtle exposures.

We can offer:

  • Urine, fat sampling for toxic chemical and heavy metals
  • Cleansing methods without using solvents with selection of the best soaps without sodium laureates
  • General education on decreasing your own toxic build up from just living
  • Methods of cleansing your internal body and the liver
  • Using skin and the intestinal tract to accelerate toxic chemical mobilization and elimination
  • Advice on future products for your children's health.