I find many health spas are more for beauty aids rather than a true consultation and practice of proactive preventive approaches to maintain good looks from the inside out. With 35 years of experience as a surgeon looking at people outside and inside, there is a lot of correlation between the two. “Look good, but do you feel good inside?”
We offer:
  • What you need to offer that makes you unique in spas
  • Design of facility with best lighting, and Fen Shui location
  • Cruise ship design of health and medical spas
  • Design for cleansing programs with maximum detoxification
  • Programs using concept of nutritionally dense, and low calories designs in food selection
  • Programs for understanding use of digestive, metabolic enzymes and use of international sources of probiotics
  • Shaping the Body rather than focus on weight
  • Importance of posture and balance and muscle strength